Brand Name: Rupkotha Jamdani
Location: 118, Sanmar Spring Garden, Jamal Khan, Chittagong.

What We Do & Is All About?
Rupkotha Jamdani is a Brand of Bangladesh where the world’s famous Jamdani from Narayangonj along with Jamdani Clothes, Panjabi, Sharee, Bags, Ornaments and Dupatta are designed, manufactured, packaged and distributed.

What Is Our Speciality?
The entire Jamdani Fabrics & other products of Jamdani within the brand of Rupkotha Jamdani are hand-made.

Social Responsibilities

We are also involved with several social responsibilities like BdoSN, Chittagong Womens Club and Uddokta Utsob.

Events Where We Have Participated

We have participated in Digital Fair 2012, Ecommerce Fair (Dhaka), Uddokta Utsab (Organizer), Eid Exhibition at Keary Illisium (Chittagong) and in Boishakhi Exhibition at Shilpakola Academy.


1. Best Entrepreneur of 2013 by BdoSN

2. Female Entrepreneur by Ecommerce Fair

3. Exhibitory Award by Digital Fair 2012